We elevate best in class conscious beauty brands.

We know that together we change the world through beauty.

Bright Beauty Collective Core Values

At the core of Bright Beauty Collective is an unwavering belief that beauty can change the world. These five values are the guiding light of our company culture. They represent the way in which we aspire to do business every day, even when it is difficult. 

We are planet-loving superstars.

Finding a better way is central to everything we do. We take action to be better stewards of the environment and support others who are doing the same. We advocate for and drive progress towards sustainability and transparency in the beauty industry. 

We support a life in harmony.

Rich meaningful lives are built not just through work but also rest, wellness, personal growth, family, social experiences, and community involvement. We care about the whole person in front of us. It is also our responsibility to work hard and share our knowledge, skills, wisdom and talents with each other. We are compassionate, respectful, and direct with one another. 

We build community.

We make an intentional commitment to connect genuinely with all of our stakeholders and appreciate them regularly. We celebrate and honor diversity. Our global reach empowers us to create more dynamic local experiences. Prosperity for our company builds prosperity for our community. 

We move at the speed of sunlight.

Speed matters in business. We think big, value creativity and innovation, and calculated risk-taking. To make the best decisions for our customers means we stay nimble, flexible, and move quickly. 

Above all else… Be Bright!

We are enthusiastic advocates for our work and mission. We create and communicate in bold direction that inspires results and excellence. We have fun and spread joy.