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During these sessions, she will personally help you get laser-focused on your immediate needs and map out your next steps. Space is extremely limited.

Nothing is off the table, from national retail strategy, pricing feedback, product rollout, marketing calendar development, education strategies and annual planning. You already know how to make the products, she helps shape the actual business!

Work 1:1 with Susannah Dellinger

Best In Class Store
Field Sales Teams

Our highly-skilled and deeply experienced team will operate in synchrony with your on-staff team as if we were part of your in-house operations. 

We’re equipped to smoothly and efficiently handle everything your brand needs, from growth planning to monthly meetings with national buyers.

Our roster of veteran market trainers, makeup artists and aesteticaians know how to connect your brand mission with today's discerning retail shoppers. We know how to make your brand stand out on the crowded store shelves and become a market share leader through education, brand story telling and expert application.

They work in-store to connect with your market, educate consumers and store personnel, grow store rank and increase retail revenue. 

How Bright Beauty Can Scale Your Legacy Brand 

Account Management

1:1 consulting


CEO of RMS Beauty

david olsen

Founder of TOK beauty

Tara O’Kelly

Founder of Violets are Blue Skincare

Cynthia Bestman

CEO of RMS Beauty

david olsen

“Bright Beauty Collective is the best agency I’ve ever worked with. Collaborative, pragmatic, devoted to the brand as if it’s their own, and loves to win, the BEST kind of partnership!

Within the first 90 days of working with their field team they were setting brand records across our national retailers and grabbing the attention of our buyers."

Founder of TOK beauty


“Susannah has been an amazing asset for TOK Beauty! Not only did Susannah help place me in my top dream retailers, she also created a strategy with her dynamic field sales team once we were in the retailer that catapulted our brand. She and her team set store sales records and immediately grabbed the buyer's attention, leading to better opportunities within the retailer and increased orders. Aside from being very knowledgeable and connected in the beauty industry, she is very kind, attentive, and treats my brand as if it was her own brand.”

Founder of Violets are Blue Skincare


“Working with Susannah has been the single best decision I have made as a founder! (I am not kidding!!) She is that good! She understands my brand and ethos so clearly that I feel she can almost communicate it better than I can with retailers. She whipped my pitch deck in shape in no time and zoomed in on the white space my brand fills with such clarity that I still can’t believe how responsive people have been! I can’t imagine how I got along without her all these years! I leave our calls on a total high and excited for all the ways my brand is growing!”

What they're saying

We’ve seen firsthand the catastrophic impact of irresponsible products and processes.

According to 2022 statistics, the US beauty market is worth $528.60 billion dollars and is expected to grow annually by 4.64% through at least 2027.[1]

If practices for conscious beauty products and packaging are not adopted, upheld, and advanced, this growth will only compound the problem for our planet and our people. 

It’s time for a full-blown reckoning - and we’re here for it.

Passionate About Conscious Beauty

All of our highly-qualified and uniquely-skilled sales and account management associates bring decades of experience to the table for each of our clients. 

From hiring and training to operations and communications, we control every part of the team development process in-house to ensure top-quality delivery and seamless support.

Decades Of Top-Level Experience

After several years of being a top executive for industry leading beauty brands such as Laura Mercier, Dr. Brandt Skincare, and Trish McEvoy, she walked away from it all.

The lack of conscious products and ingredients, and a shocking disconnect between how much money brands were generating and how little their founders were taking home.

Susannah founded her company to set right all those wrongs and transform the beauty industry, one conscious brand at a time.

20+ Years In The Industry

Why Bright Beauty Collective?

Meet Susannah Dellinger, Founder of Bright Beauty Collective.


Because it was all wrong.

After years in the industry and dozens of brands launched, you meet a few critical folks along the way. 

We know your market, your store, and your customer. 

Our little black book of retail contacts and connections will be leveraged for the growth and credibility of your brand. 

Exclusive and Enviable Network of Retail Connections

Get in touch with the Bright Beauty Collective team, and let’s disrupt the market together.