You can see the north star as to where you’re going in this space. 

You know which retailers align with your brand’s vision.

You already have an incredible and conscious beauty product that your consumers value. 

To accomplish your mission and amplify your impact . . . 

Let’s Elevate Your 

Brand Together.

Conscious Beauty

You just need an experienced and strategic partner to bring it all together with confidence and clarity. 

Susannah Dellinger has helped some of the most recognized brands in this space elevate their place in the market, grow their business, land their dream retailer, and build a beauty legacy. 

Founder of Bright Beauty Collective, Susannah Dellinger, is a beauty industry veteran with decades of experience under her belt as a former corporate executive and industry mentor. 

She is also a deeply passionate and motivated conscious beauty advocate.

Welcome To Your Experienced and Strategic Partnership

Partnering With World Class Beauty Brands

Bright Beauty Collective will help you get laser-focused on your brand’s point of view and show you how to leverage your UVP into greater market share. 

>> Environmentally conscious and using recycled materials and biodegradable options wherever possible, striving toward renewable energy options…

 >> Uses ingredients and materials that are ethically sourced, free from harmful chemicals, from transparent origins, and utilizing fair trade and organic options when possible…

 >> Operating 100% cruelty-free with certifications from either PETA or Leaping Bunny

 >> Exercising social responsibility by engaging in global charities, such as B1G1, One Tree Planted, and 1% Planet.

If Your Beauty Brand Is…

We will walk you through everything from launch strategies and seasonal market planning to getting higher volume orders and expanding to new retailers. 

We will pull back the curtain and reveal everything you could - and should - be asking to have a seat at respected industry tables. 

Together, we’ll save your beauty brand valuable time, resources, and energy without sacrificing results in your product, process, or purpose. 

…This Partnership Is Your Catalyst For Greater Impact

As you’ve undoubtedly gathered, global-conscious beauty is my passion, and Bright Beauty Collective is how I nurture that passion. I knew this industry would be competitive, but that’s only half of the story. 

After years at the top of corporate beauty, the ugly truths of the beauty sector became more and more apparent. I discovered fresh injustices and damaging practices with alarming frequency.

Most of the beauty industry was anything but beautiful. 

Did you know that, of the nearly 200 globally recognized beauty brand names, over 98% are owned by 1 of 7 large corporations? And that 98% of those are run primarily by men? The math is simple, and the numbers are against women founders. 

Now add the complicating layer of being a conscious beauty brand promoting causes like renewable energy, ethical sourcing, recyclable packaging, BIPOC innovation, good-for-you ingredients, and non-damaging marketing. 

And the numbers just get worse.

A Letter From The Founder: Susannah Dellinger

I left my corporate executive job with no backup plan, no business plan, and no idea what I was going to do next - and a long-awaited bundle of joy on the way.

I stayed in my lane and kept up my industry connections. I hung out in the usual online places, and soon enough, conscious brand founders were seeking me out, asking for 15 minutes of my time.

If I’m honest, it wasn’t great timing for this first-time mom to suddenly launch a whole new company for the very first time. But I couldn’t get the ugly facts and figures out of my head. 

I’m here to change all that.

The beauty industry is hardly beauty-focused. It’s all about billable hours, the quickest production, speedy delivery, and cutthroat strategies to achieve the fastest possible path to cold hard cash. 

There wasn’t enough care for the people using the products, the people manufacturing the products, the people creating the products, the people selling the products, or the planet on which all of those processes take place. 

If that wasn’t enough…

Shouldn’t a market that’s designed to amplify human beauty prioritize a positive human experience and operate in a beautiful, sustainable way? 


There was such a need in the market and to not step in to make a difference for consumers, founders, and the planet - just wasn’t an option. 

And now I’m here to do it for you.

In 1:1 sessions with Susannah, you’ll develop a custom strategy for your brand that’s tailored to your needs and aligned with your goals.  

You’ll discuss anything from product development, in-store sales, and pricing to retail strategy, annual planning, and account management. 

You’ll walk away from this partnership with:
  • Clarity on a laser-focused action plan
  • Practical steps to put your plan into action
  • An effective but ambitious timeframe to meet your big-picture goals
  • The confidence to continue your journey toward building a conscious beauty legacy

With High-Level Consulting

Let’s Secure Your Seat At The Table

Elevate Your Brand. Dominate The Space. Build Your Legacy.

CEO of RMS Beauty

david olsen

Founder of TOK beauty

Tara O’Kelly

Founder of Violets are Blue Skincare

Cynthia Bestman

CEO of RMS Beauty

david olsen

“Bright Beauty Collective is the best agency I’ve ever worked with. Collaborative, pragmatic, devoted to the brand as if it’s their own, and loves to win, the BEST kind of partnership!

Within the first 90 days of working with their field team they were setting brand records across our national retailers and grabbing the attention of our buyers."

Founder of TOK beauty


“Susannah has been an amazing asset for TOK Beauty! Not only did Susannah help place me in my top dream retailers, she also created a strategy with her dynamic field sales team once we were in the retailer that catapulted our brand. She and her team set store sales records and immediately grabbed the buyer's attention, leading to better opportunities within the retailer and increased orders. Aside from being very knowledgeable and connected in the beauty industry, she is very kind, attentive, and treats my brand as if it was her own brand.”

Founder of Violets are Blue Skincare


“Working with Susannah has been the single best decision I have made as a founder! (I am not kidding!!) She is that good! She understands my brand and ethos so clearly that I feel she can almost communicate it better than I can with retailers. She whipped my pitch deck in shape in no time and zoomed in on the white space my brand fills with such clarity that I still can’t believe how responsive people have been! I can’t imagine how I got along without her all these years! I leave our calls on a total high and excited for all the ways my brand is growing!”

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By changing the beauty industry, we’re going to change the world. Together. 

It’s Time To Embody

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Bright Beauty Collective is a cause-focused brand with 20 years in the beauty space. We exist to elevate conscious, independent, and thoughtful beauty brands like yours. We truly believe that if we can change the scope and trajectory of conscious beauty, we can change the world.