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We’re highly skilled at what we do so you can focus on fulfilling your mission and scaling your beauty legacy, one conscious product at a time.

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Your clean beauty product is unique and your sales prove it each and every day. 

You’re taking over the clean beauty space, one dream retailer at a time. 

Your brand is growing and your cause is being amplified, extending your impact with every sale. 

Now you’re ready to scale your sales and operations forces and smoothly elevate to the next level of growth and impact.

Agency Services For Thriving Legacy Brands

That’s not how we do business at Bright Beauty Collective. 

After 17 years in corporate beauty, our founder, Susannah Dellinger, has experienced firsthand the ugly truth that defines most beauty staffing agencies.

The focus is notoriously on billable hours and cutthroat strategies to take the fastest possible path to cash, with no regard for people or purpose. 

What Makes Bright Beauty Collective Different?

We’re consciously focused on every aspect of our operation, from how we handle your brand strategy and in-store sales training to how we treat our own employees.

“I wanted to build a community. I wanted to create an environment that was defined by kindness and work/life harmony. We pay top dollar to attract top talent and offer other desirable benefits like maternity leave, menstrual leave, and adoption benefits. 

I wanted every team member to know they were part of something bigger, something more important than a clock-in job. They’re part of the cause.” 

–Susannah Dellinger, Founder

We’re Here To Execute Your Vision. 


  • We help you build a long-term strategy and develop sales plans.
  • We will liaise with retailers and fight on your behalf for the best space in the store.
  • We work with store-level personnel to get maximum results and deliver a 3x-4x ROI.
  • We educate consumers on your products and your mission. 
  • We’ll be your eyes and ears in the market, providing a critical channel for feedback. 

Best In Class Sales Teams

You keep building your legacy and we’ll sell it.

Our veteran team of record-breaking, cause-driven, and beauty-trained sales associates will become ambassadors for your brand. 

We bring the most highly recruited and industry-leading sales agents under one roof.

Due to the vastly growing beauty industry, it’s more critical than ever to maintain your hard-earned place in the market. 

You need the right boots [or heels] on the ground to make a lasting impact in stores and online

Our veteran team of record-breaking, cause-driven, and beauty-trained sales associates will become ambassadors for your brand. 

Our associates are passionate about conscious beauty. They want to make a positive impact on products, people, and our planet. 

Our Agency Services

We manage every aspect of coaching, training, development, hiring, and benefits here at Bright Beauty Collective. 

You are building a conscious beauty empire, and you don’t have time to check all the little boxes. 

Your product is a winner, and you’re in some, if not all, of your dream retailers. 

So what’s next?

You need the right team of highly-skilled industry experts in your corner, speaking on your behalf and filling in the gaps with focused and effective support.

From growth planning to monthly meetings with national buyers, our in-house and Bright Beauty Collective-trained account managers are here to keep you running smoothly. 

Account Management Services

You need reliable agents who know your brand, your market, and your mission. 

Maintain your seat at the top. We’ve got the rest.

Keep your growth set to maximum and scale your efforts with an experienced account manager.

Leverage Our Expert Account Management Team


Bright Beauty Collective is a cause-focused brand with 20 years in the beauty space. We exist to elevate  conscious, independent, and thoughtful beauty brands like yours. We truly believe that if we can change the scope and trajectory of conscious beauty, we can change the world. 

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