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About US

We are a full service retail and branding agency specializing in indie beauty brands.

The Bright Beauty Collective Mission

We have an intense desire to sculpt the landscape of beauty by offering retailers beautiful brands that are committed to environmental stewardship, mission centered give back programs and ethical treatment of animals and all workers, all while utilizing ingredients that are beneficial to our skin and our planet. We work with brands that focus on the sourcing, sustainability and ethics of every facet of their company.


  • Environmentally conscious using recycled materials and biodegradable options wherever possible and striving towards use of renewable energy options

  • Ethically sourced with transparency on origination of ingredients and utilizing fair trade, organic options when possible


  • 100% Cruelty free with certifications from either PETA or Leaping Bunny


  • Socially responsible engaging in charities around the world such a B1G1, One Tree Planted and 1% Planet


  • Free from BHA/BHT, EDTA, Silicones, Carmine, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Formaldehyde, Nitromusks, Parabens, PFAS, Petrolatum, Phthalates, and Talc

Your brand deserves the world. The world deserves your brand. Our mission is simple, to elevate conscious , thoughtful,  purpose driven independent beauty brands to compete on a national and global level.


Bright Beauty Collective is led by our founder, beauty industry expert Susannah Dellinger. Susannah is an award winning, nationally recognized beauty leader. She has spent 17 years working as an executive with globally recognized beauty brands such as Laura Mercier, Dr. Brandt Skincare and Trish McEovy. During her tenure with these brands Susannah and her teams set records nationwide for retailer sales, gaining critical in store ranks and attention of buyers. In addition to a wide appreciation of luxury and prestige retailers, Susannah also learned the power of independent retailers early on and developed unique national strategies to leverage a mix of retail accounts resulting in increased revenue and profits. 

Susannah combined her passion for founder led beauty with her appreciation for green beauty brands by starting her own consulting agency in 2018 working with clients such as RMS Beauty, Maya Chia, Axiology Beauty, TOK, Violets are Blue Skincare, Bluh Alchemy and more.


Susannah is joined by a handpicked team of industry professionals in sales, marketing and design.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

Working with Susannah has been as easy and effortless as grabbing coffee with your best friend. She is kind and enthusiastic and still diligent, organized and highly determined! She's got her senses in all the right places and helps me as a small business see things that I am missing. I've hired her to run Axiology's ambassador program and since hiring her, our sales have exceeded our monthly goals. It's been so amazing for our business!

Ericka Rodriguez, founder of Axiology Beauty

Working with Susannah has been the single best decision I have made as a founder! (I am not kidding!!) She is that good! She understands my brand and ethos so clearly that I feel she can almost communicate it better than I can with retailers. She whipped my pitch deck in shape in no time and zoomed in on the white space my brand fills with such clarity that I still can’t believe how responsive people have been! I can’t imagine how I got along without her all these years! I leave our calls on a total high and excited for all the ways my brand is growing!

Cynthia Bestman, Founder of Violets are Blue Skincare

Susannah has been an amazing asset for TOK Beauty! Not only did Susannah help place me in my top dream retailers, she also created a strategy with her dynamic field sales team once we were in the retailer that catapulted our brand. She and her team set store sales records and immediately grabbed the buyer's attention , leading to better opportunities within the retailer and increased orders. Aside from being very knowledgeable and connected in the beauty industry, but she is very kind, attentive, and treats my brand as if it was her own brand.

Tara O’Kelly, founder of TOK beauty

Ready to shift the beauty world together? Let us transform your business to become the brand of your dreams.