Founder of Bright Beauty Collective, Susannah Dellinger has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years and has had the privilege to work with some of the top brands on the market like RMS Beauty, Eve Lom, One Love Organics to name a few.

Meet Susannah Dellinger, Founder of Bright Beauty Collective.

We Exist To Elevate Conscious Beauty Brands Like Yours

Our Founder, Our Mission, Our Process 

Better Beauty Or Bust

As you’ve undoubtedly gathered, global-conscious beauty is my passion, and Bright Beauty Collective is how I nurture that passion. I knew this industry would be competitive, but that’s only half of the story. 

After years at the top of corporate beauty, the ugly truths of the beauty sector became more and more apparent. I discovered fresh injustices and damaging practices with alarming frequency.

Most of the beauty industry was anything but beautiful. 

Did you know that, of the nearly 200 globally recognized beauty brand names, over 98% are owned by 1 of 7 large corporations? And that 98% of those are run primarily by men? The math is simple, and the numbers are against women founders. 

Now add the complicating layer of being a conscious beauty brand promoting causes like renewable energy, ethical sourcing, recyclable packaging, BIPOC innovation, good-for-you ingredients, and a non-damaging marketing. 

And the numbers just get worse.

A Letter From The Founder: Susannah Dellinger

Today, Bright Beauty Collective is a sought-after beauty agency changing the global landscape and upward trajectory of conscious brands like yours. Our desire is to transform how consumers and retailers view beauty products.

We’re committed to advancing environmental stewardship and cause-driven missions that promote ethical practices and sustainability. We’re dedicated to the conscious development and production of non-toxic products made with beneficial ingredients, both for consumers and our planet. 

We’re here to elevate and scale conscious beauty brands to dominate that market and change the world. 

Fast Forward To The Present

Brands We've served

RMS Beauty
Eve Lom
Vintner's Daughter
One Love Organics
Sahajan Skincare
Solara Suncare
Abel Fragrance
Noble Panacea
Bluh Academy
Violets are Blue
Three Ships
Luxe Botanics
Evolve Organics
Sahara Rose
Pura Botanicals

Press Features

“This human ray of sunshine has been through a lot, from rising to the top of the conventional beauty industry to her personal search for something 'better' that would heal her burnt-out body and engage her curious mind to successfully launching a retail and branding agency that is changing the world, one amazing founder at a time. Enjoy!”


Susannah's Story: Bye-Bye Burnout, Hello Indie-Beauty & Leading With Kindness

Whole Picture with Britt Witkin

Beauty Independent is the self-proclaimed industry beacon that seeks out thought leaders and beauty visionaries to share valuable insights and data with their readers. Their publication team consulted with our founder, Susannah Dellinger, to get her expert take on 23 Bold Indie Beauty Predictions For 2023.


23 Bold Indie Beauty Predictions For 2023.

Beauty Independent

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